Miss Universe Norway : Info

Miss Norway or Frøken Norge, now known as Miss Universe Norway, is national beauty pageant of Norway which sends representatives to the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Norway was held for first time in 1950 by Dagbladet Magazine and Aud Grenes was crowned as the first ever Miss Norway. Till 1980, the pageant was run by Dagbladet Magazine. From 1981-85, the pageant was run by Miss Norway Models Agency Inc. and then continued by Frøken Norge Corporation from 1986 - 2010.

In 2012, a new concept called Miss Universe Norway was established by the company Motivaction A/S after the application for the license for Miss Universe in Norway was approved. The same year, the Miss World Norway competition was created by organizers who took over the Miss World license.

In 1990, Mona Grudt Bittrick became the first Norwegian to capture the Miss Universe title. She remains the only Miss Universe winner from Norway till date.


Mona became the clear favorite of the judges, winning the interview and swimsuit preliminaries. During the semi-finals she won all three segments. During the 1990 Miss Universe competition, she listed herself as "The beauty queen from Hell" as a publicity stunt (since she was born in Hell, Norway. Apart from that 'hell' also means 'luck' in Norwegian)