Miss World 2014 : Info

Miss World 2014, the 64th edition of one of the most prestigious international beauty pageants, was held at Excel London in London, England on December 14 2014. Rolene Strauss from South Africa has been crowned Miss World 2014 by her predecessor Megan Young, the Miss World 2013 from Philippines.

A total of 121 (One hundred and twenty one) contestants from across the world competed with each other for the coveted title. The contestants experienced the marvel of England's effervescent multicultural capital as they took part in the Miss World Challenge Events and prepared themselves for the Big Final! The event commenced from 20th November 2014 with the arrival of the contestants and ended with the crowning of the Miss World 2014. The contestants were put through a variety of tests which comprised of different events and group level competitions which added to their scores leading up to the grand event’s final. The contestants were not only judged on their beauty and elegance but also on their intelligence, talent and social work.

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Miss World 2014


A total of six challenge events took place, the scores of which was added in the race to the final. The six events were – Beach Fashion, Beauty with a Purpose, Multimedia, Sports, Talent and Top Model. Each of these challenge events held great importance, as the points got added up to their final scores.

At the Miss World final event the scores of previous challenge events were all added up and the final few contestants were selected after which they have gone through a grilling question and answer round where the beautiful ladies display their intellectual side.