Jewel of the World 2019 : Info

The second edition of Jewel of the World, i.e. Jewel of the World 2019 was held on 14th May 2019 at GT Toyota Asian Cultural Centre, Philippines where seventeen contestants competed for the international crown.

Amie Chontida (full name Chontida Chatsirichai) of Thailand was crowned the new queen by her predecessor Jewel of the World 2018 Neena Macaire Bezuidenhout. Neena was the winner of the debut edition of the pageant.

The newly crowned queen Amie Chontida’s court comprised of –

First Runner-up - Maria Divine Angela Veranga of the Philippines

Second Runner-up – Huli Xie of China

Third Runner-up – Susy Sacoto of Ecuador

Fourth Runner-up - Kyla Maloney of South Africa

At the finale, a series of special awards were also presented to the delegates; Huli Xie of China won Miss Photogenic, Wakaba Suda of Japan won Miss Friendship and Marshalla Pearl Kahleck of United States of America won Miss Personality.

The delegates who competed for the crown were Huli Xie of China, Sarah Assalé of Côte d'Ivoire, Susy Sacoto of Ecuador, Jade Dalvana of France, Lauretta Thompson of Ghana, Silvany Likur of Indonesia, Jane Pagaduan of Italy, Wakaba Suda of Japan, Wynnona Sli of Malaysia, Nang Cherry of Myanmar, Apaysha Khadka of Nepal, Divine Veranga of Philippines, Kyla Maloney of South Africa, Amie Chontida of Thailand, Eugenie Videgla of Togo, Marshalla Pearl Kahleck of United States of America, Cynthia Sakala of Zambia.