Miss Grand International 2018 : Info

The grand coronation night of Miss Grand International 2018, the sixth edition of Miss Grand International beauty pageant, was held on 25th October 2018 at One Entertainment Park in Yangon, Myanmar. Maria Clara Sosa Perdomo of Paraguay was crowned as the winner at the finale by her predecessor and Miss Grand International 2017 María José Lora of Peru. Clara’s court included –

First Runner-up - Meenakshi Chaudhary of India

Second Runner-up - Nadia Purwoko of Indonesia, who also won the special award for Best Social Media.

Third Runner-up - Nicole Marie Colón Rivera of Puerto Rico

Fourth Runner-up - Haruka Oda of Japan

Other special awards winners were –

Miss Popular Vote - Bui Phuong Nga of Vietnam, and as a result whereof she managed a Top 10 spot in the finale.

Best Evening Gown - Moss Namoey Chanaphan of Thailand, who also made it to Top 20 at the finale.

Best Swimsuit - Gladys Carredeguas of Cuba, who also made it to Top 20 at the finale.

Best National Costume - Andrea Moberg Tobies of Peru, who also made it to Top 20 at the finale.

Remaining contestants who placed in Top 10 were -

Clara Mayte Brito Medina of Dominican Republic

Lezly Díaz of Mexico

Patricia López Verdes of Spain

Biliannis Guillermina Álvarez Chirinos of Venezuela

Other contestants who made it to Top 20 were -

Kimberly Gundani of Australia

Gabrielle Vilela of Brazil

Nicole Menayo of Costa Rica

Aim Isengalieva of Kazakhstan

Hayley Rose Robinson of New Zealand

Talia Aybedullina of Russia

Pawani Vithanage of Sri Lanka

Hanna-Louise Haag Tuvér of Sweden


Besides the above contestants who were placed, fifty-four other contestants competed at the finale, and were as under –

Klaudia Kalia Miss Grand Albania 2018

Julieta Riveros Miss Grand Argentina 2018

Elisabeth Moszkowicz Miss Grand Belgium 2018

Elena Romero Zambrana Miss Grand Bolivia 2018

Beloslava Yordanova Miss Grand Bulgaria 2018

Lika Dy Miss Grand Cambodia 2018

Grace Diamani Miss Grand Canada 2018

Prissy Gomes Miss Grand Cape Verde 2018

Wanxin Xing Miss Grand China 2018

Maria Catalina Flores Vargas Miss Grand Chile 2018

Sheyla Quizena Nieto Miss Grand Colombia 2018

Teau McKenzie Miss Grand Cook Islands 2018

Kristýna Langová Miss Grand Czech Republic 2018

Natasja Kunde Miss Grand Denmark 2018

Blanca Stefany Arambulo Miss Grand Ecuador 2018

Génesis Fuentes Miss Grand El Salvador 2018

Christina Baker Miss Grand England 2018

Karolin Kippasto Miss Grand Estonia 2018

Samrawit Azmeraw Miss Grand Ethiopia 2018

Erika Helin Miss Grand Finland 2018

Mona Schafnitzl Miss Grand Germany 2018

Helen Demey Matey Miss Grand Ghana 2018

Méghan Monrose Miss Grand Guadeloupe 2018

Valierie Alcide Miss Grand Haiti 2018

Eleanor Lam Miss Grand Hong Kong 2018

Kadejah Anderson Miss Grand Jamaica 2018

Min Choi Miss Grand South Korea 2018

Songyl Meniqi Miss Grand Kosovo 2018

Nobphalat Sikaiphak Miss Grand Laos 2018

Anastasia Abou Mitri Miss Grand Lebanon 2018

Debora Lopes de Oliveira Miss Grand Macau 2018

Debra Jeanne Poh Miss Grand Malaysia 2018

Alexandra Predus Miss Grand Moldova 2018

Burte Ujin Miss Grand Mongolia 2018

Su Myat Phoo Miss Grand Myanmar 2018

Urussa Joshi Miss Grand Nepal 2018

Kimberley Xhofleer Miss Grand Netherlands 2018

Maria Kassandra Barbantonis Miss Grand Norway 2018

Gabriela Mornhinweg Miss Grand Panama 2018

Eva Psychee Patalinjug Miss Grand Philippines 2018

Malwina Ratajczak Miss Grand Poland 2018

Priscila Alves Miss Grand Portugal 2018

Olivia McPike Miss Grand Scotland 2018

Fanta Kabia Miss Grand Sierra Leone 2018

Misha Christie Miss Grand South Africa 2018

Safina Barsatie Miss Grand Suriname 2018

Tania Tan Yi Rong Miss Grand Taiwan 2018

Queen Mugesi Ainory Gesase Miss Grand Tanzania 2018

Zulfiya Sharafeeva Miss Grand Tatarstan 2018

Yana Laurinaichute Miss Grand Ukraine 2018

Morgan Evans Miss Grand United States Virgin Islands 2018

Paola Cossyleon Miss Grand United States of America 2018

Lauren Parkinson Miss Grand Wales 2018

Isabel Chikoti Miss Grand Zambia 2018

Jurate Stasiunaite of Lithuania, who initially came to Myanmar to compete in the pageant, withdrew subsequently due to some emergency.

Miss Grand International 2018 which commenced with the Welcome Ceremony and Press Conference on 8th October 2018, also held several preliminary rounds before the finale being national costume competition on 12th October 2018, swimsuit competition on 20th October 2018 and preliminary competition on 23rd October 2018 before consummating with the splendid finale on 25th October 2018 crowning yet another Latina beauty as the winner.