Miss Progress International 2015 : Info

Miss Progress International 2015, an international beauty pageant that aims at issues like Environment, Health, Human Rights and Cultural Integration is scheduled to be held on 16’ May, 2015. This year is going to be the third edition of the Miss Progress International pageant.

The Associazione Culturale in Progress announced the date for the finales of Miss Progress International 2015 on April 18’ 2015. The winner of Miss Progress International 2015 will succeed her predecessor Arantza Barba from Bolivia. In 2010 Associazione Culturale in Progress started a pageant in Italy, dedicated to Environment, Health, Human Rights and Cultural Integration and named it as Miss Progress International.

The winners for the Miss Progress International will be decided on the basis of the projects and ideas instituted by the delegates in the following categories –

- Integration of cultures

- Environment

- Health

- Human Rights

The delegates have to work on the projects listed above and the same is evaluated by a panel of jury based on the project’s feasibility and contents. For each of the listed fields, a winner will be selected. In addition to the winners for each category, an overall winner will be selected and there are no runner-ups. Hence, the winners will be awarded with the following titles - Miss Progress International 2015, Miss Progress Health 2015, Miss Progress Environment 2015, Miss Progress Integration of Cultures 2015 and Miss Progress Human Rights 2015. The reigning winners are –

Miss Progress International 2014 - Arantza Barba from Bolivia 

Miss Progress Human Rights 2014 - Marie Darline Exumé from Haiti

Miss Progress Health 2014 - Jorreni Marcon from Brazil 

Miss Progress Environment 2014 - Arantza Barba from Bolivia

Miss Progress Integration of Cultures 2014 - Esterina Rumè from Italy


Miss Progress International 2015 contestants