Abstract Head Shot Of Indias Next Top Model

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Indias Next Top Model Themed Head Shot Photoshoot
Indias Next Top Model Themed Head Shot Photoshoot

The Indian version of America’s Next Top Model made its television premiere on July 19’ 2015 as India’s Next Top Model, with contestants competing to win the title. The show which is being aired as a reality show has impressed us to the core with its unique and exclusive challenges in every episode. We loved how the girls have transformed from rock to valuables. Today, we are going to give you an insight to the headshots of the contestants that took place in a recent episode. And let us inform you that this was no ordinary headshot. The creative thought behind the photoshoot stumped us, but what bowled us, was the performance by the girls. The photoshoot demanded the contestants to portray the emotion through just their face, as the photoshoot was – Abstract Neck up Head shots. So get ready to be bowled by this exceptionally brilliant and ingenious photoshoot – 

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