Miss Nederland 2016 Top 5 Hot Picks

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Top 5 Favourites of Miss Netherlands 2016
Top 5 Favourites of Miss Netherlands 2016

Miss Nederland/ Miss Netherlands/ Miss Universe Netherlands 2016 is finally reaching the closure of this edition, and the finale will be held on 26th September 2016. The winners of Miss Netherlands 2016 will compete at the Miss Universe 2016 and Miss World 2016. But there is still time for the Organisation to announce the winners, and the world will know who will take over the crown from Jessie Jazz Vuijk. Before the grand announcement, we thought of listing out our Top 5 favourites for the title this year. So shall we?? Let’s glance down and see who all made it to our Top 5 Hot Picks list. So flip through the Top 5 favourites listed alphabetically...

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