Women Empowering Answers by Beauty Queens

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Embracing the Beauty of Being a Woman
Embracing the Beauty of Being a Woman

When we think of a beauty queen, we think of someone who is the perfect blend of "Beauty with Brains" and "Beauty with Purpose". The crown on her head is good evidence that she is the woman of worth. The perfect beauty queen is someone who is intelligent, witty, a fantastic orator, exudes confidence and carries herself with poise... and that’s also exactly how you will describe a woman. Every woman, irrespective of country, race or colour, is special in her own little way, because within a woman resides the power to create, nurture and transform.

So, today we have accumulated some of the answers by our beauty queens that convey the message of emancipation of women. The flair and confidence with which a beauty queen answers a question determines how worthy she is of living up to the reputation of the title. And our beauty queens have time and again expressed the gleam and joy of being a woman.... So without any further ado, let’s steal a glance at some of the women empowering answers by these beauty pageant winners...

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