Favourite National Costumes from the Opening Ceremony of 71st Miss World

21 Feb 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

The opening ceremony of the 71st Miss World was held on 20th February 2024 at the Ashok Hotel, Delhi where the contestants introduced themselves in their national costumes, presenting the culture and traditions of their respective countries.

Here are our favourite National Costumes from the Opening Ceremony of 71st Miss World that the beauty queens will wear again at the Dances of the World ceremony –

Gwendolyne Fourniol representing Philippines 

The costume is a representation of the Filipina’s craft spirit of dignity, growth, and joy. It was hand-embroidered with flamboyant embellishments inspired from the Hiligaynon’s authentic Ilonggo Textiles with metal crown headpiece.



Miriam Xorlasi representing Ghana

The national costume pays homage to the Ewe migration story. The Misego or Husago dance is used to reenact these events, mainly performed by ladies, especially young women. It is made from handwoven Ewe Kente from Agbozume in the Volta region.



Tharina Botes representing Thailand

Tharina Botes wore Thai Sivalai dress Pride of Suvarnabhumi, uses woven colors that represent prosperity and auspiciousness. It has the beads and gold dyed on Thai silk worn with traditional Thai accessories painted emerald dress. The costume is designed and tailored by Vanus Couture.


Favourite National Costumes from the Opening Ceremony of 71st Miss World


Sini Shetty representing India

Sini, being the host delegate, wore a saree which symbolizes the rich history of her country’s culture and the deep-rooted traditions that weave the fabric of Indians identity. This timeless attire embodies grace, dignity, and the essence of femininity. The Banarasi Silk Saree is designed by Jayanti Reddy.



Ariagny Daboín representing Venezuela

Ariagny Daboín, through her outfit, highlighted the beauty of the coast of the state of Aragua which highlights the costume and tradition of the flavor of the Venezuelan drums. She looked stunning and confident as she introduced herself and her country.



Aché Abrahams representing Trinidad & Tobago

Designed by Solange Govia, Abrahams costume was a glamorous take on the traditional fancy sailor costume which is one of the historical traditional Mas characters of Trinidad & Tobago. Through the costume, she wanted to pay homage to the opulence that the Sailor Mas experience brings to the streets of Port of Spain.



Elena Rivera representing Puerto Rico

Elena’s national costume represents one of the few bioluminiscent bays in Puerto Rico. Her dress crafted by Joshuana Ponte, portrays the sea, the mangrove and the bioluminiscent microorganisms shown with the blue lights on the costume.



Alejandra Díaz representing Mexico

Alejandra wore the costume of the Chiapas dance “Fiesta Coiteca” from the municipality of Ocozocuautla, Chiapas.