Newly Formed Miss Earth India Pageant to send Delegates for Miss Earth 2015

03 Jun 2015 | Angelopedia

A new voyage and a new expedition are in flip for India. India is all set to regain its glory at the Miss Earth pageant that celebrates the basic essence of a woman and advocates and associates beauty with worthy causes, like environmental issues. The newly induced and separate pageant "Miss Earth India”, will now on be responsible for sending delegates to the grand slam pageant of Miss Earth. The launch of the Miss Earth India as a separate pageant marks a new sunrise for India in the glamorous world of pageantry.

Earlier, Femina held the franchise for Miss Earth, which has now shifted to the owner/founder of Glamanand Supermodel, Nikhil Anand. The new National Director for the Miss Earth India Nikhil Anand is also the National Director of Miss Tourism. Nikhil is the CEO of Glamanand Entertainment and was awarded the franchise for India in April 2015. He is also the chairman of Supermodel India Organization.

The beginning of Miss Earth India pageant is like a fresh welcome for India, at a time where the country is facing a serious drought in making it to the crowns at international pageants. The idea to establish a separate organization for the Miss Earth delegates is an admirable and an outstanding move that was much needed. The concept of Miss Earth is unique and is different from what all other big 4 pageants offer. If we look at the pageant held in other countries, we get the gauge that every nation holds a separate pageant for Miss Earth because of its distinctive requirements. Which makes sense, because selecting a representative from any random national pageant that holds no activities concerning environmental issues would be a waste of slot at the international pageant.

And if we get into a broader standpoint, the previous franchise holder of Miss Earth India, Femina, had no association nor did it conduct any activities or events concerning environment. Hence establishing an all new pageant exclusively for Miss Earth will only elevate the probability of India to excel at the Miss Earth international pageant.


Miss Earth 2010 winner Nicole Faria