Adelma Krissel Benicta: A nurse turned beauty queen promoting health and well-being

26 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

With Miss Universe Philippines 2020 being postponed due to the global rise in the number of Covid-19 cases, the delegates have been focusing on advocating for their advocacy or do something for the people who are suffering the most because of corona virus. Adelma Krissel Benicta of Ilocos Sur, being a registered nurse, has returned to service and is helping people suffering from the pandemic.

Adelma’s advocacy also focuses on Health and Well-Being as she believes it’s something people should be more conscious about. She has also talked about how she has witnessed families, especially the poor and marginalized who tend to compromise their health for the sake of providing the needs for survival.



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I realized how neglect, misinformation & lack of access to and knowledge of our health care delivery system is a huge part of the problem on healthcare. And this is why I want to be on the frontline in terms of spearheading literacy towards the same and well being which is one of the sustainable development goals that’s actually central as it encompasses all the other SDGs”, she says.



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Adelma believes when people become keener on maintaining good health and well being, they can all be great parts of the solution and contributors to a more sustainable world. She is, indeed, a true beauty queen who is more than her beauty and works hard to bring about a change in the world with her efforts, knowledge and perseverance.



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The beauty is no new to the pageantry world as she competed in Saniata ti Ylocos Sur in year 2019 where she took home the title. In Miss Millenial Philippines-Ilocos Sur, she held the victory and in year 2018, she competed in Nightingale of Ilocos Sur, where she took home the title. The diva is also well-versed with the pageantry and knows about the criteria and what it takes to be a beauty queen. She will be a strong contender for the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 crown for sure.