Aditi Arya leading India towards the Miss World crown after 15 years

28 Oct 2015 | Angelopedia

As we all know Miss World’s sixty-fifth edition is going to take place on December 19’ 2015 at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre in China, where Rolene Strauss from South Africa will pass her crown and reign to her deserving successor at the conclusion of the coronation night. 

Miss World, as one of the most prominent Big4 pageants surpassing the billion mark, continues to magnetize beautiful and proficient delegates, who are also well-accomplished, knowledgeable and devoted to charity works.


Aditi Arya leading India towards the Miss World crown after 15 years


Jogging our memory on who will be the most proficient and admirable aspirant for the Miss World 2015 crown, we come up with a name Aditi Arya, yes, the one who is the proud possessor of this year’s Femina Miss India crown. She is not only hot at the point, but already has the natural alluring personality for the pageant.   

Keeping in mind all the evaluating angles of the international pageant such as Sports, Fastrack Event, Top Model Segment, Multimedia Segment, Talent Round Segment and Beauty With a Purpose Segment, this lady has it all. Yes, she is the dazzling aspirants who can conquer the coveted title as she has already proved her worth by displaying grace, confidence and intelligence when they mattered the most during the Femina Miss India pageant.


Aditi Arya leading India towards the Miss World crown after 15 years


Since her crowning, Aditi Arya has been seen working with the Miss World Organization for various charitable activities and that is quite a hint that the diva is working rigidly to achieve the prime and foremost goal of her life. For a long time now, Aditi travelled across villages and found remarkable talent hidden behind lack of resources.

Aditi claims that she grew up wishing for her voice to be heard far and wide and that she aspires to represent India at as many international platforms as possible. The 21-years-old has been endowed with a great frame and queenly aura, also she has groomed herself to be a responsible citizen and a humble human being. She aims to fortify the marginalized and  ‘high at risk’ communities by way of education and vocational training.


Aditi Arya leading India towards the Miss World crown after 15 years


To talk about her personal life, the stunner works in New Delhi as an analyst for one of the big four audit firms - Ernst young. She is an Indian School of Buisness pass out. Aditi carries so many admirable qualities, such as the humbleness, bubbly-ness, adorable charm, etc. Moreover, she even posseses a calm and composed attitude. And how can we not mention her jovial nature; because of this quality of her, everyone adores her and loves to be around her.

When she was asked ‘Your body to you means…’, her reply "A mythical medium to let my soul develop and achieve its full potential" gave a deep insight into her personality.

It’s good to achieve tremendous heights, but it’s always great to have your near and dear ones admire and back you up at every step. Aditi has been one lucky lass! On the whole, she defines and stands out on every criteria required to become the next Miss World.  

What do you think?? Can Aditi Arya be the proud possessor of this year’s Miss World crown???