Agustina Modernell Miss Universo Uruguay 2016 finalist

21 Apr 2016 | Angelopedia

Agustina Modernell is one of the 19 finalists of Miss Universo Uruguay 2016. The 20 years old beauty hails from Montevideo and studied modeling from the Bethel Spa School.

The Uruguayan beauty feels lucky after being elected as one of the finalists of the Miss Universo Uruguay 2016. She expressed her joy, by saying -  “To be honest, I did not expect the news that I’m elected as one of the finalists of Miss Universo Uruguay 2016. At the Radisson where the casting for the contest took place, there were many different girls, but they all had something special in their personality too. The first thing that crossed my mind was that any girl can not be the finalist, there has to be something special in their personality. When I found out that I was one of them, it was a great moment of joy.”

Agustina loves to keep herself fit, and makes sure to include fresh, green vegetables and proteins in her daily meals.

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Agustina Modernell Miss Universo Uruguay 2016 finalist


Her hobbies are playing sports and travelling around the world. Being a contestant of the  Miss Universo Uruguay 2016 pageant, Agustina is happy that she can get various opportunities to visit a number of destinations.

Her taste in clothes and the ability to coordinate colors effectively in her dressing is classy. Agustina usually likes to use basic in her regular dressing.

Agustina’s first beauty ritual upon awakening includes cleaning face and applying moisturiser to keep skin hydrated. Apart from keeping skin radiant, the beauty queen follows a varied exercise routine. She goes to the gym where she practices aerobics and also worksout on the treadmill and ride bicycle as well.

On being asked if she would like to get involved in a social benefit project, Agustina replies – “Rather, I work with children and adolescents, specifically to spread awareness about the importance of education. I think that in today’s era, education is the best tool we can use to forge employment opportunities in the future.

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Agustina Modernell is determined to put her best at the finale to clinch the prestigious crown of Miss Universo Uruguay 2016. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comment section below.