Anastasia Iacub crowned Miss Moldova 2015

28 May 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss Moldova 2015 Anastasia Iacub


At the grand slam finale of Miss Moldova 2015 held on May 27’ 2015, 19 years old Anastasia Iacub hailing from Bacioi was crowned as the winner of Miss Moldova 2015. Anastasia will now represent Moldova at the Miss World 2015 pageant this December in Sanya. She competed against 20 other contestants to finally seal the title to her name. Anastasia has been second time lucky in the pageant as last year she was one of the finalists at Miss Moldova 2014.

Anastasia is a student at the Faculty of Business Administration and Academy of Economic Studies at Moldova. At the finals, the contestants paraded in their national costume, sportswear and evening gowns. In addition to announcing the winner, two Runners-up were announced and a series of Special Awards too were awarded under the categories - Miss Photo, Miss Smile, and Miss Charm etc.

Miss Moldova is an annual national beauty pageant held every year in Moldova to select representatives for the Miss World pageant. The winner of Miss Moldova 2015 will participate in social-political, cultural and charity causes in the country during her reign. At the grand coronation night, Miss Moldova 2014, Alexandra Caruntu passed on her crown and the title to Anastasia Iacub.


Miss Moldova 2015 winner Anastasia Iacub