Anastasia Lin Miss World Canada 2015 Family Threatened by Chinese Government

27 May 2015 | Angelopedia

The newly crowned Miss World Canada 2015, Anastasia Lin claims that her father has been threatened in China because of her stance against human rights abuses. She moved to Canada with her mother a decade ago while her father lives in China. Anastasia who won the title Miss World Canada on May 16’ 2015 in Vancouver says she received a text message from her father four days later, urging her to stop talking about human rights abuses in China.

She revealed the messages that she got from her father to the media, which said, “You must stop all the political and human rights work you are doing, otherwise I will stop all support to you," he told her. Lin also shared that she tried to call her father back after receiving the text, but he refused to speak to her out of fear his phone might be tapped. "Whatever you have sent to me, anything political, has been censored," he told her via text. "Do you know the secret security force has come to me?

According to Lin, she won the title of Miss World Canada partly because of her passion for human rights activism and her hard work in reference to spreading awareness about abuses in China. Lin says that her work and constant promotion seems to have upset the Chinese government and hence the pressure on her father. "I'm really scared. I'm afraid my dad is not telling me everything.", said Lin to a local news channel.

Anastasia is a human rights supporter and has acted in many films divulging the human rights abuses in her country, China. She hopes that if she can bring enough international attention to her father's plight, "they will just leave my family alone and not bother my father too much."


Anastasia Lin Miss World Canada 2015


Anastasia Lin from Toronto was crowned Miss World Canada 2015 and will now represent Canada at the Miss World 2015 to be held later this year. From being a model at very young age to starring in human rights films, she has induced the essence of art and beauty in the very core of her personality to achieve stardom at such young age. She was last seen in an award-winning movie Beyond Destiny (2010), which reaped her, both the Mexico International Film Festival’s Golden Palm Award and California’s Indie Fest Award of Merit.