Ariadna Gutierrez asks to stop the Online Bashing

24 Jan 2016 | Angelopedia

The controversial coronation of Miss Universe 2015 is over and everybody seems to have moved on with it. However, there is still the social media war going on between the supporters of Philippines and Colombia. At the finals of Miss Universe 2015 held on December 20’ 2015, the host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the new Miss Universe instead of Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. Ariadna’s appearance on Steve’s show “The Steve Harvey Show” which was aired on January 21 was their first meeting after that night.

During the interview with Steve, Araidna shared that she has not met Pia yet after the coronation night.  “Because she’s now Miss Universe, she has her own schedules. I haven’t been able to see her because she’s in New York. I have been in Miami with my family, like resting and enjoying my nephews, my mom, my dad. She’s like doing the Miss Universe job. We haven’t had the time to see each other. I think we will meet soon, like really, really soon.


Ariadna Gutierrez asks to stop the Online Bashing


Miss Colombia then also talked about the series of bashing that started right after the whole controversial crowning night and said that she hopes the bashing stops because she ‘can’t handle it anymore’. “And hopefully everyone is going to be done will all the fighting, and the insults in social media and bullying, and all those things that… Oh, my God, I can’t handle it anymore. I understand the Philippines because, you know, Pia is the Miss Universe; Pia is the winner,

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But it’s unfair when you see someone who is like feeling sad and being through a difficult moment and making fun of that. I think Colombians need to stop bashing Pia, and the Philippines needs to stop bashing me and bashing you [Steve] and everyone. Look at her, she’s beautiful with the crown. She’s Miss Universe,” she continued.

Araidna also said that she is not proud of what Colombians did, but she cannot entirely blame them for everything. “I don’t feel proud about that because Colombians are not like that. But we have to understand that people got angry because they felt like they got robbed [of] the crown. People felt bad and the Latin community they felt like humiliated and it was so harsh to watch the show. I have to apologize because we’re not like that.”

Araidna said that the Colombians were expecting a back to back win and what happened that night, did hurt the sentiments of her people. The lady however concluded that she has moved on with life and expect everyone else to do so too. Ariadna also shared that she was contacted by the Miss Universe Organisation, and that she hopes to work with them someday.

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