Beauty Pageants - Embracing beauty or objectifying women?

21 Jun 2018 | Irina Silva

Beauty pageants are a definite way of winning millions of hearts in a go but when it comes to fighting social dogmas that are deep rooted till date, are they still that effective? When it comes to defining beauty, do these pageants not work on their own definition? Does beauty define a woman or a woman defines beauty?

With recent changes in the norms, in countries like America, India is a proud country having done away with typical bikini rounds in 2014 only and by allowing an average Indian woman to take part and prove their mettel. It also made some changes in respect to the height criterion, dropping it to just a meager 5’5”, making it absolutely unnecessary to lose head over some heels.

It is important to look for a combination of beauty, talent, intelligence and personality while selecting a person to represent one’s country. To some extent, we may find that beauty pageants objectify women. Surfacing facts like they give judgments based on physical appearances, although taking in factors like intelligence, talent, personality etc, reflect the situation enough.


Beauty Pageants - Embracing beauty or objectifying women?


But beauty pageants are much more than just a beauty contest looking for a good exterior as they look for physical appearance along with IQ level, presentation, attitude, communication skills, confidence level and much more. So, rather than objectification, it is a practical method of contesting and selecting women based on a set of parameters. It can be said in this way that rather than objectifying women, beauty pageants glorify them by providing them a wider audience and reach.

Objectification or non-objectification depends mainly upon the perception of the spectators as is adequately said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Even though beauty pageantry is an empowering and liberating experience for those who make the cut successfully, its impact is mixed for the rest of us. The essence of beauty is to embrace yourself and letting it shine through your heart. There may be a million of definitions of beauty out there but yours is in the way you are.

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