Miss Earth 2017 National Costume Competition and Special Award Winners

30 Oct 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Earth 2017 finale is slated to be held on 4th November 2017 and the pageant is heating up in full zeal for the gala night. With just few days left for the gala finale, the finalists are gearing up to put their best foot forward.

Tonight was the National Costume Competition of the Miss Earth 2017 where the 86 finalists displayed their traditional costumes and exhibited the best of their culture in front of a panel of judges. The event was one glamorous night of colourful costumes and gorgeous faces parading in their respective attires. After all the contestants proudly displayed their respective costumes, the winners of the National Costume Competition from each continent were announced.

Let's look at the complete list of winners -

Best National Costume from Asia & Oceania winners are Karen Santos Ibasco from Philippines (Gold), Paweensuda Drouin from Thailand (Silver) and Yasuyo Saito from Japan (Bronze).

Best National Costume from North & Central America winners are Maria José Castañeda from Guatemala (Gold), Jacqueline Juntilla Marsh from Canada (Silver) and Íngrid Franco from Dominican Republic (Bronze).

Best National Costume from Eastern Europe winners are Lada Akimova from Russia (Gold), Artemis Charalambous from Cyprus (Silver) and Sara Gavranic from Slovenia (Bronze).

Best National Costume from Central & Western Europe winners are Gloria Silva from Portugal (Gold), Fabiana Enrica Barra from Italy (Silver) and Sophie Bettridge from Wales (Bronze).

Best National Costume from South America winners are Giancarla Fernández Ferrufino from Bolivia (Gold), Ninoska Vásquez from Venezuela (Silver) and Valeria Ivasiuten from Paraguay (Bronze).

Best National Costume from Africa winners are Maud Fadi from Ghana (Gold), Ermelinda Matos from Angola (Silver) and Angele Kossinda from Cameroon (Bronze).

Miss Friendship award winners for each group are -

Group 1 - Hannah Lee from South Korea (Gold), Ismatu Daramy from Sierra Leone (Silver) and Camilla Fogestedt from Sweden (Bronze)

Group 2 - Yasuyo Saito from Japan (Gold), Ainara De Santamaría Villamor from Spain (Silver) and Karen Isabel Rojas Chávez from Peru (Bronze)

Group 3 - Diamond Langi from Tonga (Gold), Sarah Laura Peyrel from Switzerland (Silver) and Shaan Suhas Kumar from India (Bronze)

Miss Photogenic award winners are Le Thi Ha Thu from Vietnam (Gold), Juliana Franco Ramos from Colombia (Silver) and Ninoska Vásquez from Venezuela (Bronze)

Miss Earth Warrior 2017 award winner is Le Thi Ha Thu from Vietnam.

Best Eco Video award winners are Karla Victoria Apónte from Puerto Rico (Gold), Tugs Amgalan Batjargal from Mongolia (Silver) and Angele Kossinda from Cameroon (Bronze).

You can watch the full show here (via Official Miss Earth Facebook page) -