Beauty Talks with Sophia Koch Miss Universe Germany 2017

30 Oct 2017 | Angelopedia

Sophia Koch, the 20-year-old gorgeous model from Germany, was crowned Miss Universe Germany 2017 at the finale of the pageant held on 24th September 2017. Sophia, besides being a professional model, is a student of sociology and German literature at the Martin Luther University.

With almost perfect facial features and an hourglass figure, she will surely make a positive impression at Miss Universe 2017 competition. In an exclusive interview with Angelopedia, Sophia unveils her personality and shares her experiences and aspirations in the world of modelling and beauty pageants. Behind an astonishingly beautiful face and modelesque features, lies a beautiful heart of a simple girl, who is family-oriented and enjoys simple things in life.


Exclusive Interview with Sophia Koch Miss Universe Germany 2017


Below is her full interview -

Q. How does it feel after winning the Miss Universe Germany 2017 title?

It is such big honour for me and what makes me feel most happy and motivated is the support and faith in me that comes from all over the world. It still feels unreal to me because it is this big opportunity and I think I am starting to realize everything more and more when I will be in Las Vegas.

Q. Would you like to share anything about your preparations for Miss Universe 2017?

I am really focused on myself to be the best version of myself and I practice regularly, especially my catwalk. I am watching my diet and I am having a fitness routine with my personal coach as well. I also watch a lot of Miss Universe shows from the last years to get even more excited and prepare better for the pageant next month.

Q. What is your interpretation of the Miss Universe logo - "the woman with stars“?

One of my interpretations is that the women, who get to win the Miss Universe title at a country level or at the international platform, can reach for the stars, dream big and make their dreams come true. No matter what she is aspiring, she just has to go for it. My second interpretation is that as an aspiring beauty queen, a girl aiming for the Miss Universe crown is giving everything that is in her power to reach these stars and make her dream come true.

Q. Who do you look up to in life for inspiration?

I am always looking up to my parents because they are in every way my role models. My mother is so optimistic, positive and strong as well as my father. I received so much love and happiness in my childhood until this day and I see what kind of person I became because of it. I want to be like them if I have the luck to be a mother one day and make my children feel proud of me like I feel proud of my parents.

Q. Who is your favourite Miss Universe and why?

I believe that every single Miss Universe has been amazing in her own individual way. But Pia Wurtzbach has a really beautiful look, appearance and heart, and that makes her to my favourite Miss Universe.

Q. From where do you derive your confidence?

I got my confidence from the people that surrounded me throughout my life and these are especially my parents, family and friends. They always made me feel appreciated, loved and gave me the feeling that I am able to achieve my goals and dreams because I am beautiful the way I am. They believed in me and that made me believe in myself in a confident way as well.

Q. Can you share the most memorable moment of your life?

The most memorable moment in my life is a dinner I had with my father a few years ago in Porto, Portugal, when we were staying there for vacation. These are kind of moments where everything comes together so perfectly that you cherish to relive even years! We were sitting in this restaurant directly at the beach behind a huge glass wall all alone, no other guests were there. The sun went down, so while we were eating we got to see the most beautiful sunset you could dream of. We were so happy and thankful for this moment and the life we get to live.

Q. Can you share something that you are passionate about?

I am really passionate about making others happy. I am always putting a lot of work and dedication to it because when I see a face that is happy because of me it makes my whole day better. Because of that I really like to help wherever and whenever I can and as well I do everything that it takes to make my loved ones around me feel really special and loved.

Q. What is that one thing that keeps you going?

The one thing that keeps me going is the support of the people that always stood behind me and believed in me since day one. They are the people I want to make proud and show them that it hasn't been a waste of time having faith in me.


Sophia Koch Interview with Angelopedia Miss Universe Germany 2017



Q. If you win the title of Miss Universe 2017, what is the first thing you would like to do or change?

I want to work for the betterment and uplifting of children, who are underprivileged or abused or with special needs or have any other problem in their lives. I would like to create a platform for such children all over the world and create a huge system of support for them no matter what they have gone through.

This is a massive task, but I want to start somewhere to change a lot of things for them to make their lives better. Children are our next generation that will hold the world in their hands and have the power to move it in the right direction and to give the children the right direction, education is the key. Education starts by providing components for children that live in poverty and have limited resources. These components can help to find children’s interests, their passions and develop their dreams more and more.

I want to help children that have been mistreated and feel worthless. I want to support them in a way that they see life again with a different point of few and make them believe in their self again. I want to make them clear that it will always be up to them where they can reach or what they can achieve in their lives and make them feel motivated again no matter how they have been treated in the past.

I also want to include professional psychologists in this project and platform that can help children especially when they have been abused. I believe that we have to guide our next generation from now on, give them the opportunity to develop their own individual personality with interests and dreams and especially provide help if they are on a wrong path.

Q. What inspired you to become a model and enter beauty pageants?

I always had a passion for posing and presenting myself in front of a camera. I think that it is just in my nature. The world of beauty pageants is really new to me, but I fell in love the whole idea behind it that you can do so much more with your beauty. I really have the intention to use the title in the best way possible to make a lot of things in our world change for the better.

Q. Can you say 3 words that describe your journey so far?

Exciting, Rollercoaster, Enchanting!

Q. Why do you think Germany has not won any Miss Universe title after Marlene Schmidt's victory in 1961?

I feel that beauty pageants are not a big cultural thing in Germany like in other big nations of our world. I also believe that there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to pageants here in Germany and because of that, it is harder to find people that really support a girl who goes to international beauty pageants. A win this time may change the way people look at beauty pageants in Germany!

Q. What suggestions would you like to give to aspiring beauty queens?

Be yourself and believe in the beauty of your genuineness. I want you to do things for you, that make you feel better and not because other people want and expect certain things from you. Beauty has so many different faces and it may start with the outside of a person but goes so much deeper when you really want to see how beautiful someone is by looking into their hearts, souls and personalities. Be the best version of yourself and feel confident with it because if you love yourself, everyone else will do the same.

Q. What message would you like to give to your fans on Angelopedia?

It is still overwhelming to see all of your positive feedback and the love you have sent me from all over the world. You can't believe how much your comments and messages make my day and I want to let you know that I appreciate every single one of them. If you need something you can always come to me and write me, I try to answer all the time. I hope you are happy and feel loved.

Sending you kisses from Germany and I will make you proud!


Sophia Koch Miss Universe Germany 2017 Angelopedia Interview