Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition – Best and Worst Evening Gowns

17 Dec 2015 | Angelopedia

So, the Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2015 has finally concluded, are you feeling the excitement of the finale? We are sure the Preliminary Round has made it easier for you to pick your favourites, so has it changed or you will still stick to your favourites. Well, to complicate it a bit, and to make it a little confusing to you, we are here with a review of the evening gown round. Now this is not on the basis of the performance of the contestants, but a clear honest take on the gowns which were awesome, and gowns which were not so awesome.

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Let’s start with the best gowns of the evening. Under the best gown section, we have covered the gowns which were unique, experimental and of course beautiful. So let’s check out...


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition – Best and Worst Evening Gowns


A little see and a little hide, always tends to create a mystery. Isn’t it? That is exactly what Bolivia did with her evening gown. Bolivia donned a blood red evening gown and it sure made her look extremely gorgeous. The intricate detailing on parts of the gown was something that accentuated the gown and her look. Moving on to the next contender, we have Honduras. Now you might think what was so special about the evening gown of Honduras, right? Well, yes it was simple with no unique concept, but the colour that she chose was something that caught our mind. Bronze evening gown is something that created a pleasant and eye pleasing moment. Plus, the colour bronze came out as a relief to the eyes as well, as there were too much of gold and silver dominant evening gowns at these pageants. Next in line is Kosovo who adorned a cherry red elegant evening gown. The corset was embellished with beautiful detailed work, and the bottom of the gown was kept simple sober, giving Miss Kosovo an overall elegant appearance.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition – Best and Worst Evening Gowns


Next in best evening gown is Paraguay. The lady nailed the evening gown round as she walked down the stairs donning an unusual yet gorgeous evening gown. With a front slit styled in a slanting manner complimented with a red cape, the moment froze as Paraguay walked in all her confidence looking absolute beauty in her evening gown. Spreading her Swedish beauty, Miss Sweden swirled around the stage spreading a blossoming magic as she wore a stunning red gown with detailed ditsy floral prints. The gown was unusual with a touch of prettiness. What came as a surprise was Turkey’s evening gown. It is that moment when you are too tired of watching the same gold, silver, white gowns and then you see a beautiful mustard coloured gown flashing right in front of your eyes. Turkey’s evening gown was simple, but the gown had a touch of elegance and opulent charm to it.

It’s now time to check out the gowns which were “for the love of God” pain in the eyes, and crying out loud obnoxious.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition – Best and Worst Evening Gowns


So, it was Bahamas turn to walk the stage donning her evening gown, and Oh My God it looked more of a bodysuit, oh yes with gold detailing running down through the gown. It was average, predictable and “stop blinding me” flashy. Standing on the list of next worst evening gown is Canada. It was more of an usual gown and there was nothing to explore more to it. No doubt Canada was confident, but the gown probably dragged down her performance. There should have been use of more colours and the gown should have had something stirring and new to it. Another gown that stuck our mind, eyes, heart and everything else was Japan. No not because it was too good, but because the colour will remind you of the 90’s disco era. Miss Japan looked more like a disco ball going round and round all over the stage.

So these were our best and worst evening gowns for the Preliminary Competition. Share your Best and Worst with us in the comment section below.