Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition Review

17 Dec 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe is one of the much anticipated pageants and needless to say everyone is eagerly waiting for the gala moment. And at this year’s Miss Universe, the activities and events are definitely top class. Media exposure is top notch. We love everything about this pageant, despite of all the controversies surrounding it. Anyway, as the preliminary competition concluded, some of our initial favourites disappointed us and some impressed us a lot. Here is our review on the preliminary competitions of Miss Universe 2015. Let’s start with the Swimsuit Round.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition Review


Albania did better in swimsuit round. But it is quite tough to comment on her placing. Let’s see what her fate has in store for her.

Colombia’s  swimsuit round was worth watching. She has that aura on stage that you don’t want to take your eyes off from her.

Dominican Republic’s catwalk during the swimsuit round was like in a dancing motion which was very harmonious with the background music. She holds an admirable body.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition Review


India’s delegate  is really strong this year. Who knows, she might just walk away with the crown. She was outstanding in swimsuit round. Appealing, breathtaking, attractive, etc. She is definitely placing high.

Philippines in her swimsuit round looked extremely beautiful, but her overall performance wasn’t that outstanding. Though, she must be happy to watch the crowd cheering and hooting for her.

Venezuela was sparking and phenomenal with her utterly confident walk.

Evening Gown Round



Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition Review


Albania was outstanding in the evening gown round. Seriously, after watching her catwalk, we were like Wow..

Belgium beauty was exceptional with her gown. She equally shined with her shining gown.

Brazil was definitely a star of the evening gown round. To watch her was an eye pleasing experience.

Colombia looked splendid in her evening gown performance, and also she had a passion in her walk.

Dominican Republic  was equally amusing to watch in the evening gown round. Loved her smiling expression. It was very warm. She pulled off the evening gown round very well.

France, yes, she is skinny and thin but that is not the reason to loathe her. She walked the stage wearing a hot number with a beautiful smile. The way she pulled up her flowing gown while posing was superb.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Competition Review


India did it so well without going over the top that she looked like she is here to win the contest.

Myanmar’s performance was hands down brilliant. The way she pulled herself up after she tripped in her initial few steps, deserve all applauds. The confidence with which she bounced back to her performance, won her a million fans we are sure.

Thailand is a beautiful lady with a praiseworthy gown choice. She was full of energy during the evening gown round and brought the game to her stride.

Turkey  was all sweet and charming and did a good ramp walk flaunting her fit body. Love the part when she flashed her smile and flirted a bit with the camera.

USA  has been doing well in beauty pageants, and if we talk about her performance during the Evening Gown round, she walked confidently  and amazingly.

Venezuela was ‘THE’ best in the Evening gown contest. You never know, she might just be the next Miss Universe.