Bianca Tirsin Lorena rising as the mega-favourite for Miss Universe Romania 2020

19 Oct 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Romania organization is all set to host its annual edition as they have selected thirty stunning beauties who have begun their journey to the crown. Through voting process, the organization will decide who will move forward towards the finale as the winner will represent Romania in Miss Universe 2020.

While all these beauties show tremendous potential, there is one delegate who has caught everyone’s attention with her pageant experience and stunning beauty. Bianca Tirsin Lorena, who has international pageant experience, is emerging as a mega-favourite for Miss Universe Romania 2020.



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From Arad, Bianca has proven since 2015 that she is made for the world of pageantry. Since she won Miss Arad crown, Bianca Tirsin (20 years old) has won 12 other titles at various beauty pageants, including Miss Catwalk 2015, Miss Faino?ag 2015, Miss International Romania 2018, 3rd place at Miss Supranational 2017 ( Poland) and 4th place at Miss International 2018 (Japan).

She has also spoken about herself as the competition has begun through the official Facebook page because of the restrictions due to covid-19. She said, “Since I was a child, I was independent, creative, bold, but I never thought that I would reach the age of 16 to run my own business. Today I manage my own online store of oral care products, following the courses of the Faculty of Management in Arad. In addition to my entrepreneurial spirit, I made history for Romania by winning 2 international miss titles from the top 5 at the biggest beauty contests.”



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“My father always reminds me, if I can help, to help with all my heart, so I have been involved over the years in several organizations participating in volunteer projects. We have created an active platform since 2017, it aims to eliminate any form of domestic violence in Romania, to inform and provide support to people in need. I want to change this culture of taxation both nationally and internationally, out of the desire and hope to leave my mark with a change in the world”, she added.

If Bianca Tirsin gets the chance to represent her country at Miss Universe 2020, she will definitely give it her best. “If I win the title of Miss Universe Romania 2020, I will use my determination, qualities, experience and platform to make Romania visible on the stage of Miss Universe next year”, she said. We wish her all the best for the competition!