A tinch of innocence to Bb Pilipinas 2018 with Ana Patricia Asturias

09 Feb 2018 | Irina Silva

Ana Patricia Asturias, the name might strike a chord to you. You might know this pretty lady from last year’s Binibining Pilipinas 2017 competition. She was a powerhouse of energy then and is still the same, but a lot more improved version of her own self. Ana has come in the competition well prepared to take on any challenge thrown her way with utmost determination and confidence but of course with her speciality, i.e. a smile on her face that light up your day.

One of the last year’s finalist, Ana is a licensed Interior Designer and Restaurateur. This 25-year-old beauty stands at 167 cm tall and is a fully trained barista and partners with her mom in running a cafe in her hometown which has been her favourite project for the past year. Anna is a world traveller; she has visited Reykjavik, Japan, Milan, Venice, Barcelona and many more countries.


A tinch of innocence to Bb Pilipinas 2018 with Ana Patricia Asturias


Calling passion and integrity, the main key to everything good in life, she has always led her life on the same lines till now. No wonder she has achieved so much, after all you need is the courage to hold your veracity through the thick and thins of life and she has done very well.

Ana has a sense of sweet virtuousness to her that she holds well with her true to heart smile and well thought out attitude. But that does not hold her back from leading a life full of crazy fun and make some amazing memories. She has always worked towards working on herself. She shares an ardent passion for travelling and reading and she calls them the reason that has shaped her to be a person who is positive, deep and confident.

This is her second time in the National pageant and she looks at this journey as a source of perseverance for her. For her Binibining Pilipinas 2018 is a pursuit to discover her inner self better and make an impact through her various advocacies. She wants to push herself a little more, make her presence be felt a little more and inspire all a little more.


A tinch of innocence to Bb Pilipinas 2018 with Ana Patricia Asturias


She believes in destiny and expressed that the fact that she was thinking about joining again and again since last year was proof enough that she was meant to be a part of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas competition. And we have to say what a comeback it is! She is not just making people swoon over her lure but also making headlines through her immense improvement she has shown from last year. Be it any competition like Jag Jeans photoshoot, where only 15 girls were chosen or sponsor visits, she is simply not ignorable.

There’s not a bland day for this beautyin the competition and we think she will go places in this competition and in future.