Will Anahita Rehbein win Miss Germany 2018?

10 Feb 2018 | Camilla Suarez

One of the most for the promising contestant for the crown and reign of Miss Germany 2018 seems to be 23-year-old,Anahita Rehbein. The finalist is mesmerizing, and could easily be one of the most beautiful contestants. She is said to be polite, easygoing, and also a treat to be around.

At the moment studying is still her priority, but AnahitaRehbein from Stuttgart hopes for the really big modeling career. The 23-year-old, who studies educational science in Stuttgart, won the Miss Baden-Württemberg election last November.She started in the beauty contest as Miss Bodensee.


Will Anahita Rehbein win Miss Germany 2018?


Now, in just two weeks, the election for Miss Germany in the Europa Park Rust is on. As the reigning Miss Baden-Württemberg, AnahitaRehbein automatically got an entry to the Miss Germany 2018contest, whose finals would be on February 24th.Anahita said, "My dream is to work as a model worldwide." She achieved the first milestone reached in November, when she was elected Miss Baden-Württembergin Rheinstetten.

Born in Inzigkofen in the district of Sigmaringen, the student with the Persian first name has been living in the west of Stuttgart for a few years and is under contract with the model agency Rothchild in Olgastraße.

Her first name ("The Venerablel One") was chosen by her mother. Anahita further explained, “She had a fellow student from Persia, whom she had promised to name her first daughter after.”

Before the Germany-wide finale to Miss Germany, the models have to complete a tight program.Until February 5, the finalists in Rust spent a few days at Hotel Colloseo and took part in various daily photoshoots. There was also a "great dinner show," as AnahitaRehbeinrevealed.

On February 6, flew 22 finalists then to Fuerteventura to be fit in a training camp for the pageant. Along the way, the 23-year-old won the Miss Condor choice. The prize was two airline tickets.


Will Anahita Rehbein win Miss Germany 2018?

(Photo Credits - Anahita Rehbein Instagram Official)

"The 13th Miss Condor choice was again a very special experience for the Condor crew, but also for all passengers who have followed the show," said Condor Purser Dirk Weber, who for many years moderated the Miss Condor choice on board. “We all keep our fingers crossed for Miss Condor, but of course for all the other candidates for the grand finale as well and we are curious to see who will be at the top of the podium.”

Whether the favourite of the Condor passengers also convinces the jury, will be shown in the grand finale on February 24, 2018, at Europa Park in Rust.