Miss Germany 2018 declares finalists and finale date

01 Feb 2018 | Angelique Reyes

18-year-old Soraya Kohlmann from Leipzig was chosen as Miss Germany 2017 at the Europa-Park in Rust on 18 February. History will repeat itself when attractive young ladies compete for the official election of the Miss Germany 2018 in the Europa-Park Arena. But only one can win in the end!

Rebecca Mir will moderate together with Alexander Mazza on February 24, 2018, the election of Miss Germany in the new Europa-Park Arena in Rust. This will be the 16th time that the final of Miss Germany will take place at the Europa-Park in Rust.

Together with international star choreographer Marvin A. Smith, a stage show with many wow effects is being prepared. The guests can look forward to a grandiose stage show in which the 22 finalists outgrow themselves.

Also at this year's Miss Germany Final, the Europa-Park Talent Academy is allowed to participate in the opening again. The program consists of the introduction of our Hip Hop formation "The K. Crew" and goes on to a spectacular air acrobatics number by Josefine Rickmers on the Silk. The girl is 12 years old and with her "The K. Crew" acting German Champion. Last year, the group represented Germany in the Varsity category in Phoenix, Arizona. Let yourself be enchanted by the performance "California Dreaming".


Miss Germany 2018 declares finalists and finale date

(Photo Credits - Miss Germany Official)

The finalists for Miss Germany 2018 are:

Anahita Rehbein

Sarah Deborah Zahn

Patrizia Utz

Laura-Sophie Hering

Derya Sipahi

Tamar Morali

Melanie Jamni

Theresia Weidemann

Ioanna Palamarcuk

Noelle Sachse

Alina Mullenborn

Elena Kamperi

Charlotte Grenzner

Michelle Molitor

Laura Herter

Nastassja Bittner

Lucie Bringmann

Jessika Rohloff

Jennifer Giugliano

Fabienne Schmidt

Alena Krempl

Yuliya Garkusha

A groundbreaking event for beauty choices, the MGC is the first event organizer in the world to be able to apply: from now on, participants who already have children or are married may also apply. "The time was more than ripe for this little revolution," says Max Klemmer. The Miss Germany Corporation is thus taking a pioneering step into the future and presenting itself as a modern organizer who knows how to implement the signs of the times.