Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Top 40: Sigrid Grace Flores

30 Mar 2019 | Angelique Reyes

Sigrid Grace Flores secured her rightful spot in the Top 40 of Binibining Pilipinas 2019 along with other Filipina beauties. The national pageant of Binibining Pilipinas is of utmost importance as it selects winners and sends off the official representatives to International beauty pageants like - Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, and Miss Intercontinental, and other minor global pageants.

Sigrid is a 25-year-old gorgeous Filipina who was born in Cavite, grew up in Catanduanes and Iloilo. She currently resides in Quezon City, Philippines. The diva has studied Bachelor’s in Mass Communication at Central Philippine University and also political science at University of the Philippines in the Visayas. She truly is a beauty with brains.


Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Top 40: Sigrid Grace Flores


By profession, the Filipina is Motivational Speaker, Missionary, Philanthropist and co-Founder of Sons & Daughters in 2013 which is a non-profit organization devoted to loving on people. The noble initiative of this organisation is to spread love to the entire world one movement at a time. They do activities like counselling for the people dealing with mental health issues, they often organise hospital visits and feeding programme in slums. The diva already is indeed a leader and takes her social responsibility towards her community really well.

Sigrid is no stranger to the Binibining Pilipinas pageant as she took part in the 55th edition of the national pageant and made her spot in the list of top 25 contestants. She believes that we all are capable of helping others despite the size of our wallets. She claims that we live do not live in time anymore when only rich people could help, which is why her advocacy has always been philanthropic leadership. Her ambition is to mobilize, empower and network people who have the heart to start their own movement to help others.


Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Top 40: Sigrid Grace Flores

(Photo Credits: BB Pilipinas Facebook/Official)

The Filipino beauty truly believes that beauty pageants are not only meant to showcase merely a beautiful face or a beautiful body but it is important to show people that women participating in the pageantry are women of substance and are more beautiful on the inside. The diva has a strong sense of aura and can easily grab attention through her confidence and eloquence. In her free time, she likes to play the guitar and also likes to sing.

Angelopedia wishes her all the very best for Binibining Pilipinas 2019 and may she accomplish all her goals!