Anyella Pamela to lose the national crown of Miss Peru 2019

30 Mar 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Grand finale night of Miss Peru 2019 gave almost everyone adrenaline rush when the name of the new queen was announced. The young beauty Anyella Pamela who looked immensely beautiful at the coronation night was handed over the crown. It feels divine to be nationally crowned! But how it feels like when the crown is confiscated by the organization?

Miss Peru 2019 organization held its press conference on 27th March 2019 at the Latina facilities. The main intention of the conference was to announce the measures that have been taken this year with respect to the national crown.


Anyella Pamela to lose the national crown of Miss Peru 2019


Jessica Newton, director of the Miss Peru Organization, with the authorization of the Miss Universe Organization, decided to withdraw the National Crown to the current Miss Peru Anyella Degrees committing an act against the legal policies of the Miss Peru Organization, with the sole purpose of safeguarding the prestige of the National Crown as what Anyella did being the titleholder of the crown was delinquent to her title. 

According to local media, Anyella partied at a carnival event in the city of Rioja in the north-western Peruvian region of San Martin earlier this month and she was filmed without her consent. The clip was leaked online where she was drunk sitting on a hotel bed as she vomits on the floor.


Anyella Pamela to lose the national crown of Miss Peru 2019


The cameraperson has been identified as model Camila Canicoba, who is the current Miss Peru Teen holder. Camila in an interview explained “My intention was only to record the state she was in. I was surprised because it all happened so fast. I know that people react differently to alcohol, but I felt that I needed to film it so that I could discuss it with the person involved later on.”

Anyella has hampered legal action over the video, saying it has ruptured her name and her reputation. She also said there was no question of her giving up her title saying: “I am not going to quit because my conscience and soul are at peace.” But the firm decisions have already been made by the organization and in the coming weeks will be announced the new platform with which will be designated the New Miss Peru 2019.