Miss Universe 2018 finale in Philipinnes or the USA?

16 Apr 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe 2018 is surely a big pageant. But isn’t that the case with every Miss Universe instalment? However, this year, way too many countries seem to be interested in hosting the pageant. While the Philippines is showing great interest in the task, a journalist is already confirming USA as the host country. But, rumours say, China has its bid out on the table as well.

First of all, no one gets why China wants to host every major highlighted event in the world. It gives the country pretty clear press and streaming rights which is great for them. They will be hosting the Olympic and the Asian Games in their next edition, i.e the year 2022. China is also hosting Miss World 2018, as far as rumours go, and has held about 8 Miss World instalments previously. Shockingly, they do not have even one Miss Universe instalment to their names, as the hosts. Maybe they just want to branch out now.


Miss Universe 2018 finale in Philipinnes of the USA?

(Courtesy Miss Universe Facebook Official)

However, Philippines seems to be holding the position of the host strongly, as announcements of it being the host nation for Miss Universe 2018 came in. The government was in talks with the Miss Universe Organization to hold the international pageant again in the Philippines, with at least one event on Boracay. The island had been recently closed due to pollution, and the reopening would be even more grand, with Miss Universe 2018. N=knowning how much Filipinos live their pageants, this was a really good news.

But, the joy for Filipinos wasn’t long lived as reporter Héctor Joaquín Colón-González exclaimed on his Facebook page, that USA would be the host to Miss Universe 2018.

He wrote; ‘Miss Universe 2018 will be in USA on December. What do you think?’

To be honest, we think it might be quite a stretch to confirm any of the above-mentioned countries as the host for the 2018 edition of the Miss Universe pageant. However, it might not be early to start picking your favourites for the crown, and we know who might be on our list of Top Favourites for Miss Universe 2018.