Have a look at how the finalists of Ceska Miss 2017 are indulging themselves in various activities

27 Apr 2017 | Angelopedia

Czech Miss 2017 is the most popular beauty pageant that is slated to be held this year. The contestants are all set to prove themselves for the contest. They are busy in several activities and sessions to make them ready to face the challenges further.

Recently, they have been seen indulging in several activities like natural hygiene, collecting herbs for tea or natural creation tools for work. Thirteen contestants prove their skills and are fighting for the title of Miss Czech Survival 2017, after which the best performance was given to Markéta Matoušová, as the “battle of survival” had not been so easy to win. There were some of the instructors who guided them the basics of survival.

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The beauties went through a lot of hardships and hurdles as this was the main goal of the whole process or the activities to test their patience and the way they could handle the whole scene. The best thing about the journey to the forests was the way the finalists were all smiles and handling the toughest of challenges with grace and higher amount of patience.


Have a look at how the finalists of Ceska Miss 2017 are indulging themselves in various activities


After being quite patient and ready to face any challenge, they were given the most calming treatments such as a visit to the spa. Attending various sessions and workshops, they have been busy in photo shoots, wine tasting and wellness.

They were also given some makeup sessions as well to get an idea to do some attractive strokes with the makeup brush. The makeup sessions were given to make them prepared for any professional event to attend wherein they can get the dream look by the flawless makeup tricks they can try as well.

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Altogether a fun-filled and learning experience they are gaining and it will surely help them in coming future to face any kind of situation with ease. We are all waiting to watch the girls at the finale night and how they will present themselves in the best of their avatars.