This finalist of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 is all over the internet

27 Apr 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 is about to reach its finale and in about a week one of the contestants will be crowned as the winner. But more than the pageant and the finale, there is this one contestant who is ruling the internet these days. Miss Ponce, Jailenne Rivera, is among the list of contestants competing for the coveted title this year.


This finalist of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 is all over the internet


This 23 year old beauty has been gaining much popularity among fans and followers, and more than that, she has been making hundreds of people laugh. Well, no there was no Talent competition per se that involved cracking jokes and all, but it’s what written on her biography on the official website of Miss Universe Puerto Rico that has become a butt of the joke all over the social media.

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In her biography listed on the official site of MU Puerto Rico 2017, the beauty briefs about her likes dislikes and her educational background and qualification. But amidst all that there was something that caught up like wildfire all over the internet. So, when you read Jailenne’s bio, you come across a point where the beauty mentions that she and her grandmother once managed to save the life of a rooster by giving CPR. Yes, Jailenne mentioned that she saved the life of the rooster by giving cardiorespiratory maneuvers, so as to save it from dying.

The website states, "On one occasion with her maternal grandmother they found a drowned rooster and between her and her grandmother they saved him by giving CPR the rooster who survived thanks to their help.

This experience has encouraged many to create few funny and creative memes, which are flooding all over the internet. Check out some of the memes below...


This finalist of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 is all over the internet


Well, we personally think that it was a really sweet gesture on Rivera’s part. The beauty is among the favourites for the title this year. And, she is not a newbie in the world of pageants. She was the first finalist in Top Model of the World 2014. The finale is scheduled to be held on 4th May 2017 at the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Center in San Juan. What do you think of these memes? Who do you think will win the title this year?

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