Elaine Wairimu Mwangi crowned Miss Grand Kenya 2015

12 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Elaine Wairimu Mwangi crowned Miss Grand Kenya 2015


The splendid finale of Miss Kenya 2015 concluded with the crowning of Elaine Wairimu Mwangi as Miss Grand Kenya 2015. She will now represent Kenya at the Miss Grand International 2015 pageant. Elaine is the lady who is enthusiastic about her goals and aspirations and enjoys simple things in life. She believes that happiness is a state of mind and one should never settle for less than what they deserve.

A student at St. Paul’s University Nakuru campus, Elaine abides by the motto that wanting is better than getting. “There are three attributes for which I am grateful to fortune when it comes to modelling: that i am tall, i posses’ charisma and pretty eyes”, shared Elaine. The Miss Grand International pageant runs with the aim of searching for potential delegates to encourage and run the campaign “stop the war and violence" to acknowledge people to avoid conflict and violence. With the kind of potential that the Miss Grand International organisation look for in its contestants, Elaine seems to be a promising bet for Kenya at the internationals this year.

Elaine teaches life skills in social development programs to help improve her social skills, boost educational achievement and therefore improve job prospects among the youth. At the finals of Miss Kenya 2015, where Elaine was crowned Miss Grand Kenya 2015, Linda Njoki Gatere was crowned Miss Earth Kenya 2015 and Eunice Atien Onyango won the title of Miss International Kenya 2015.