Filipina actor Faith da Silva to enter pageantry?

20 Jan 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Faith da Silva, the Filipina actress who has a contract with GMA, has started to make her mark in the Filipina industry. Although she is still a newcomer, Faith has all the attributes in the making of a beauty queen.



Faith is known for her work in the movies Ika-5 utos (2018), Happy ToGetHer (2021) and Karelasyon (2015). She is atleast 5 feet 7 inches tall and absolutely stunning. Faith can act and sing which as well works in her favour if she decides to get into pageantry.

Faith’s social media boasts of more than hundred thousand followers who would definitely want to see her compete at a pageant. The ideal pageant for her to compete, if she does, will definitely be Miss Universe Philippines as she could use her platform to advocate for a worthy cause. She has the looks, the personality and definitely the confidence because of her profession to represent her country at an international platform.



However, it will only be possible if the network will give a green-light seeing that she is now in the good graces of the executives who are keen on lining her up for more projects. What do you think?