Femina Miss India 2020 Wishlist: Roshni Sheoran

30 Oct 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Femina Miss India had announced that Femina Miss India 2020 will be conducted virtually and the organization is working on the new and improvised way of hosting the pageant. The decision to go virtual was due to the scare of coronavirus in the country. The winner will succeed Miss Grand India 2019 Shivani Jadhav for the title who was highly appreciated for her strong performance but unfortunately wasn’t placed.

With the new format of the competition yet to begin, the list is being prepared for the potential candidates for the competition and one of the candidates that has caught our attention is Roshni Sheoran who seems like a potential candidate to represent India at Miss Grand India 2020 stage.



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Roshni is 21-years-old and stands 180 cm tall and is a student of IGNOU who is passionate for modelling and representing India at international stage. She is a sports enthusiast and loves to teach and plat lawn tennis, table tennis, horse riding, and swimming. She seems like a potential candidate to represent India at Miss Grand International 2020 and might even win it if she decided to participate.

Roshni is not new to the world of pageantry as she was adjudged as the runner-up of Miss Diva Universe 2018 and was highly appreciated for her strong performance throughout the competition. She believes in the making the society better for the youth of the community and want to promote more education and employment. The diva strongly feels that it’s the small acts of humanity that one shows every day is what counts. Acts like; to protect the intrinsic value and potential of every individual, making no discrimination, to help people and make even the slightest gestures for them that can make a great difference in the society.

The diva feels that crimes against women have increased in a massive rate and would like to eradicate them if given an opportunity until then she wants to create awareness about the same in the community. Roshni believes that the beauty pageants have progressed for good and are not just about beauty or physical appearance, but more about raising a voice or standing with an opinion that inspires others in the society to change themselves. Confidence, courage, and empathy are the qualities that Roshni feels every woman should have.



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Roshni devotes her time to teach and create awareness for special children struggling with down syndrome, autism and mental retardation and feels very grateful that she has a platform and a voice to do that. “I think the ultimate goal of every human being is to have a sense of contentment in all spheres of life”, she mentioned. She considers herself as a woman endowed with inner beauty and believes that the quality that makes her stand out is, “I have a strong presence and personality that sets me apart from others. Also, my inquisitive nature, will to work hard and perseverance helps me stand out.”

She is confident, determined and very focused towards her goal. She has a very charming and positive personality and she is very friendly with everyone which makes her one of the favourites. The diva has beautiful features which can capture anyone’s attention. She is very persuasive in terms of expressing her thoughts and views and would use this skill as an advantage during the competition to win the title. She can be a tough competition for the title if she decides to participate.