Miss Universe 1971 Georgina Rizk: Accomplished journey of first ever Miss Universe from Lebanon

08 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe 1971 Georgina Rizk: Accomplished journey of first ever Miss Universe from Lebanon


Miss Universe 1971 Georgina Rizk led an interesting life from being crowned first ever Miss Universe from Lebanon to marrying Ali Hassan Salameh, a leading figure of the Palestine Liberation Organisation during the civil war. Her journey has been incredible as she was described “a brown-haired, green-eyed, 19-year-old model from Beirut, Lebanon” being crowned the new queen.



Rizk was born to a Lebanese father and a Hungarian mother who had a daughter from a previous marriage, Felicina Rossi. After becoming Miss Universe, Georgina went on to become a celebrity and not just in Lebanon. Due to the civil war in her country in the 70’s, Georgina could not even go on to crown her successor due to security reasons.

She became a part of huge reactions of disappointments and anger in Lebanon when years later, Georgina married Ali Hassan Salameh, a leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). She became the second wife to the Muslim man which was a stark contrast to what her Catholic religion allowed. But her romance was shortlived as Ali Hassan died the next year in an assassination by Mossad while Georgina was pregnant with their child.


Miss Universe 1971 Georgina Rizk


Her next marriage was in 1990 to Lebanese singer Walid Toufic with whom she has two children and currently resides in Beirut. Considered a Lebanese icon, Georgina contributed to representing her culture and tradition at Miss Universe stage and winning the only crown for her country. She is considered a huge model, socialite and beauty queen in Lebanon. Georgina is also a main judge in Miss Lebanon contest.

In addition to Arabic, Rizk can speak English, French and Italian as she learned Italian from her Italian half-sister, fashion designer Felicina Rossi. Her journey definitely has been interesting from her win to going through the civil war protecting the love of her life and herself from all the speculations. Georgina, nevertheless, has etched her name in the country’s history with her accomplishments in the pageant world.


Miss Universe 1971 winner Georgina Rizk