Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi hosts Halima Aden to talk about UNICEF work and Universe United

08 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

In a video chat posted on Miss Universe Organization just hours ago, Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi hosted Halima Aden as she talked about UNICEF work, modelling and Universe United. Halima is an American fashion model and is noted for being the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA where she was a semi-finalist. Following her participation, Halima received national attention and was signed to IMG Models.


Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi hosts Halima Aden to talk about UNICEF work and Universe United


Both the beauties took turns to congratulate each other on their make up and glowing skin. Zozibini and Halima met for the first time on the Miss Universe stage and later on Halima’s movie premiere. Halima also talked about her refugee past and being a pure mid-west girl who has had an incredible journey.

Zozibini talked about how ground-breaking Halima’s story has been being a Muslim girl who joined the pageantry, walking in a swimsuit wearing a hijab and being a pure representation of beauty. She also commended her for not caring about status quo and her ability to do more.



Halima also talked about Zozibini’s win and how she bawled backstage at her win in Miss Universe 2019. Zozibini also talked about the movie about refugees as Halima explained why it was important to show where she came from and showcase the refugee situation to the rest of the world.

Halima is an international model who has gained a place for herself in the fashion industry. Zozibini also asked if she is doing anything to stay connected to the modelling world because of isolation. Halima said she is facing a little problem but it has given her time to slow down but she still is doing Instagram lives and showing so much can be done at home.

The queens also talked about Halima’s UNICEF duties and how she has helped in the healthcare and understand the important work the professionals do. It was quite an interesting session by the beauties as the essence of being a beauty with brains was perfectly captured by their breath taking beauties.