Miss World Asia 2019 Suman Rao’s message on World Health Day amidst Covid-19

08 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Suman Ratan Rao represented India at Miss World 2019 on 14th December 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom. She was crowned as the second-runner-up by the end of the event finale along with being adjudged as the winner of Miss World Asia 2019.

In the wake of pandemic and on World Health Day, Miss World Asia 2019 shared an inspiring message for her fans across the globe. She has stated that as it is needed for everyone to practice social distancing; she is doing the same. She is safe doing well at her home in India with her loved ones. She hopes that everyone is staying indoors and practice social distancing as it is the only way we can stop the pandemic to spread. She mentioned that she takes pride in letting everyone know that India’s Prime Minister had declared 21 days Lockdown in the country in order to control the pandemic spreading in the country.



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Suman shared that she feels happy that everyone in India is practicing social distancing as mentioned by the officials.  She also thanked all the doctors, nurses and medical personnel around the world who are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response and are putting their lives at risk to save others. The diva also mentioned that she feels blessed that so many people are coming in-front to help all the hospital staff and everyone who are trying to stop Covid19 from spreading. These people need face masks, food supplies and essentials and there have been a lot of donation campaigns that are set up to help them.

Suman especially mentioned that it is inspiring that celebrities and leaders of the country are coming out in huge numbers to help the ones in need. Everyone in the nation is trying to help in building a nation as a whole and she is honoured to be a part of it. Lastly, Miss World Asia 2019 mentioned that she would like to urge the people who are still not staying indoors that their actions will have repercussion and they should stay indoors and safe.



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Suman has been one of the kindest souls working for the betterment of the women’s status in the country. Her campaign is titled ‘Project Pragati’, for which she took initiatives to help the dreams of women in tribal communities by assisting them in acquiring financial independence. She procured machines which aids in the production of aloe vera and rose extracts, gels and shampoo. Thereby, the women could manufacture the products and earn their livelihood from within their village. Her project received support from the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation and through this institution, the women were trained to make handlooms, decorative handicrafts, accessories and jewellery.

We are all in this together and we will fight this phase. Stay Safe!