Road to Miss Earth Peru 2016 - the castings will start on 9 March 2016

20 Feb 2016 | Angelopedia

While few nations have already selected their delegates for the coming year, Peru is on its way to find the successor of Zully Barrantes, Miss Peru Earth 2015. The winner will represent Peru at Miss Earth 2016.The casting for the pageant is slated to be held at the Bolivar Street 348 miraflore, Peru and will start at 10:00 am onwards.

Miss Earth Peru is a national pageant which selects the country’s representative to the international Miss Earth beauty pageant. Miss Earth Peru 2015 was the first ever edition of Miss Earth Peru, where Zully Barrantes from Ucayali emerged as the winner amongst fourteen other beautiful ladies. Elba Fahsbender, Miss Earth Peru 2014 crowned Zully Barrantes as her successor.


Miss Earth Peru 2016 Casting on 9 March 2016


Before Miss Earth Peru was established, the country’s representative to the Miss Earth was selected by the Miss Peru beauty pageant.

However, Peru has been competing in the Miss Universe pageant from 1952 and in the Miss World pageant from 1959. In the Miss Universe pageant, their first representative was Ada Gabriela Bueno whowas crowned as the first Miss Peru in a ceremony at the Lawn Tennis Club of Lima and competed in Miss Universe 1952. Ada Gabriela traveled to Long Beach, California to represent her country, but failed to enter the group of semifinalists. How excited are you to witness the batch of 2016?