Harriotte Lane – From Miss International to Miss Universe?

09 Mar 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Great Britain 2022 is all set to be held this year where the official representative of Great Britain will be crowned to represent the country at Miss Universe 2022. Harriotte Lane, one of the crowd’s favourite, has made it as one of the finalists of Miss Universe Great Britain 2022.



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Harriotte Lane is a crossover beauty queen who was last seen representing Great Britain at Miss International 2019. Harriet is a whopping six feet tall and has been competing in the pageantry since the age of 12. At the finale of Miss International 2019, she ended up winning the fourth runner-up position.

Lane won the place to become the north-east's highest-placing beauty queen in history. On her making it as a finalist of Miss Universe Great Britain 2022, Lane posted this on her social media –



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“Today I also make my first mark as a finalist of Miss Universe GB, on this journey I will continue to empower all women, to use my voice and create the change I want to see in the world”, she wrote.

Lane started her own business at 18, just before the start of the pandemic. The situation was always going to be tough but with the encouragement from another woman, it gave her the power to keep going, despite people saying it wouldn’t work.



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Now Lane is proud of a business where every day she gets to push women to chase their dreams, to help them become the best version of themselves. She now dares women to push their limits , break through the bias that still remains in the world and empowers every woman. Lane would definitely be a strong contender of Miss Universe Great Britain 2022 crown.