Isabella Jedler Forsman Miss International Sweden 2015 explains her reason for withdrawal

28 Oct 2015 | Angelopedia

Isabella Jedler Forsman Miss International Sweden 2015 recently backed out of the Miss International 2015 pageant and as she returned to Sweden, she revealed quite a lot to a local newspaper. Isabella accused the contest and claimed that upon her arrival in Japan, all the contestants had to submit their passwords of all their social media accounts. This according to her is invading someone’s privacy.

According to Isabella, what disturbed her most was when she had to attend one of the Preliminary event’s with 15 men on tables, and every contestant designated with numbers for each table they would have to sit on. According to her, it made her felt like an escort. Miss International 2015 delegates have been busy attending events from past few days now, which also included mingling with the locals. And hence, the numbers on the tables were meant to ensure that there are orderly seating arrangements, as claimed by the people present during the events.


Isabella Jedler Forsman Miss International Sweden 2015 explains her reason for withdrawal


Isabella even added that she barely got any sleep due to innumerable events coming their way all the time. She further says that at one point she was even scolded, failing to show up in an event. What she didn’t mention, was the fact she was the only contestant who went to the contest with her mother. As per sources, Isabella’s mother was very protective about her daughter and made unreasonable demands.

Isabella went ahead and claimed that she had to involve the police so she can retrieve her passport and go home. As per sources, the organisation reminded Isabella that she is obliged and responsible with the participation. Therefore, she has to come up with a strong reason on why she is backing out. Sources even claim that Isabella was not pageant ready and hence all these allegations. We don’t know who is right and who is at fault. What is your opinion?