Czech Miss 2017 winners work hard play harder

13 Feb 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Iva Uchytilová and Michael Habánová reminisced what their photoshoot at the traditional 1904 spa house in Luhacovice was like. Less than a year ago, it was in Luhacovice that they decided to advance to the final selection of the Czech Miss 2017 and their subsequent success changed their lives. Tereza Vlcková, thanks to their support, was not only in the final, but she lost weight, scored and finished third.

Although there was a more rigorous discipline before the shooting itself, it was early in the morning and the day was long and demanding for the models, the more appreciated was the rest and the subsequent women's ride. The girls started enjoying the pool they were previously shooting in."I have a lot of work responsibilities, mainly photography, castings of Czech Miss, which are going to be held in Brno and Prague, so it was great that we had time to take photos of the Augustinian house and we could enjoy the wonderful spa and swimming pool, “The Czech Miss 2017 Michaela Habánová said.

"For the first time in my life, I experienced the saunas and it was amazing," revealed Czech Miss Supranational 2017 Tereza Vlcková. Czech woman successful at Miss Earth World Beauty contest Iva Uchytilova again gave an original message: "The last months were demanding, the program is full and we must not forget the rest. The message was good, I felt like I was in paradise, and after a short rest, I felt reborn. “Among the winners' duties are these weeks that they are part of the jury that decides which girls will fight for the title Czech Miss 2018 at the castings.

A few of the castings took place in the Zlín region a few days ago. Nine girls were cast from the Zlín casting. Among them was a 183 centimetres high beauty, Sara Kuželová from Zlín. Sara is the tallest girl in the History of Czech Miss. Michaela Habánová comes from Zlín and in June it will be revealed whether the new Czech Miss 2018 will be from the same region.


Czech Miss 2017 winners work hard play harder

(Photo Credits - Czech Miss Official)

Among the candidates selceted from the Zlín casting that took place in the Zlín Century and where the jury, besides the winners of 2017, the Czech Miss 2016 Andrey Bezduk and the Czech Miss Eva Cerešnáková and Martina Ditmara, blogger Dominika Myslivcová, singer Jan Nedved, the owner of the modeling agency Pure Model Roman Holárek, are these girls: Lenka Šustková from Uherský Brod, 17 years old; Monika Pecková from Zlín, 18 years old; Eva Švehláková of Zlín, 19 years old; Veronika Fuksová of Zlín, 19 years old; Markéta Durdakova from Prakšice, 20 years old; Nikola Behriková of Napajedel, 18 years old; Lea Šteflícková from Ústí nad Labem Sára Kuželová from Zlín, 19 years old and Veronika Suchá from Nespek, 21 years old.