Julia Evelyn Morley: The real Miss World

19 Dec 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss World beauty pageant is considered to be one of the Big 4 pageants around the world and it has always been a grand affair since its commencement in the year 1951. The late Eric Morley was the founder of this prestigious pageant, who unfortunately passed away in the year 2000.

Morley’s demise, however, did not hinder the glamorous and honourable beauty pageant and now it has become even bigger and better, and it is all thanks to Julia Evelyn Morley, wife of Eric Morley, who took over his duties and is now the chairman of the Miss World Organization.


Julia Evelyn Morley: The real Miss World


Julia Morley is a businesswoman, charity worker and a former model. She met her husband at a dance hall in London, where she was working as a model and the two married in the year 1960. It is safe to say that Julia had been a huge support for Eric during his time as the founder, during which she honed her capabilities and is now so successful.

Julia is the brains behind ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ which encourages all delegates to do their part for the society by selecting projects that would benefit their community and as a result the entire world. The sole purpose of the project is to help underprivileged children and to brighten their future.


Julia Evelyn Morley: The real Miss World


During the opening of Miss World 2009, Morley launched the Variety International Children’s Fund over the course of a Charity Dinner. She was able to raise around $400,000 for nutritional, educational and medical projects in Haiti.

Julia has also received the Priyadarshini Award for the initiation of ‘Save the Children’ campaign. In the year 2016, Julia was also honoured with the Humanitarian Award by Variety Ireland. At 79 years of age, Julia is showing no signs of stopping herself from making the world a better place.

Julia is certainly a force to reckon by and an inspiration to the entire world. She is the real Miss World.