Kelly Van Den Dungen Miss Grand Netherlands 2017, our favourite for Miss Grand International 2017

13 Oct 2017 | Angelopedia

Kelly van den Dungen, Miss Grand Netherlands 2017, Netherland's representative at Miss Grand International 2017 pageant is garnering lots of attention since her arrival in Vietnam where the pageant is currently taking place. The 23-year-old pretty lady is already placed among the Top 10 in most of the leaderboards.

Kelly stands tall at 174 cm and weighs 60 kg. With impressive body vitals of 33-26-36, the Dutch beauty makes people swoon with her acrobatic gymnastics, in which she has won the championship as well.

The beauty is currently studying media information and communication in Amsterdam and works for the television producing company, Talpa. Kelly is a go-getter, when she puts her mind in something, she doesn’t stop until she achieves it.

In an interview with Angloepedia, when asked what would be the last sentence in her autobiography, she said, “Never give up on your dreams! Always believe in yourself and don’t let others determine your dreams.”

A people’s person at heart, she is compassionate, warm and spontaneous. Sharing a special bond with her twin sister, Eline, the girls use to have fun by pretending to be each other and confusing everyone. Sharing about her biggest source of strength and support with us, the queen said, “My biggest source of strength and support is Eline, my twin sister. We always support each other. Maybe it sounds strange, but when one is nervous, the other one is also nervous. By telling me I can do it, she gives me lots of positive energy and that makes me feel relaxed. She really understands me and knows how very much I have wanted this. That is a very special feeling.”

“To me the very most important thing is your personality. ‘Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.’ That makes someone a beautiful person! So that is the true essence of beauty,” says the reigning queen who is making an impression at the Miss Grand International 2017.


Kelly Van Den Dungen Miss Grand Netherlands 2017, our favourite for Miss Grand International 2017


Kelly was crowned Miss Grand Nederland 2017 at the finale of the pageant held on 26th March 2017 organised by "12 Months of Beauty”. Prior to that, she has competed in Miss Progress 2015, where she finished as one of the runners-up and won the title of Miss Progress Environment. She was also one of the contestants for Miss Nederland 2016 (Miss Universe Netherlands 2016), where she managed to win the third spot. And now finally, she gets to represent Netherlands at a major international pageant.

With a pretty face, impressive personality, and a unique style, Kelly comes along with a never give up attitude which is making her people’s favourite.

Is she your favourite too?