Leah Blefko Miss Arkansas USA 2015, the inspirational beauty

27 Apr 2015 | Angelopedia

20 year old Leah Blefko was crowned Miss Arkansas USA 2015 and is currently a junior at the University of Arkansas, double majoring in broadcast journalism and sports management. The young beauty is a dedicated person who works two jobs along with taking 18 credit hours. She works for the SEC Network and is a part of the Razorback football recruiting team. Leah desires to explore her career options within Sports Broadcasting after graduation in 2016. She has a previous record of holding the title of runner-up at Miss KS Teen USA 2012.

Leah believes in living a healthy lifestyle and follows the same. She indulges in activities like running, boxing, hiking and other physical activities in her spare time. She is also a part of vaeious charitable organisations, which include Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Warriors for Ross, The Salvation Army, and The Garrett Uekman Foundation. After winning, Blefko shared her experience and said that being a student and a current title holder gives her a different standpoint that allows her the opportunity to help within the community.


Leah BlefkoMiss Arkansas USA 2015


As dedicated as Leah is, she constantly pushes herself not only to reach her full potential, but also exceed it to her level best. Her biggest competition during the pageant was not her competitors but herself. Leah shares that if it was not for her close group of friends she wouldn’t have won the title, as they were her constant support system. “They were my daily inspiration to be the best I can be.

Blefko follows a very radiant mindset that living in the present is just as important to preparing for the future. The best advice that she has ever received was that if she had the desire to be happy, she would live a worthwhile life. She aspires to lead the coming generation with her actions and deeds.