Meet Lorena Chayban Nuestra Belleza Puebla 2015

21 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Meet Lorena Chayban Nuestra Belleza Puebla 2015


21 years old Lorena Chayban who hails from Puebla, was crowned Nuestra Belleza Puebla 2015 in a coronation ceremony held on July 5’ 2015.
She defeated 7 other girls to win the title. This young and vivacious girl will represent Puebla in the national pageant Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2015. Discipline, beauty, glamour and magic, were characteristic features of this event; based at the University Cultural Complex

In the first stage, the finalists posed with casual clothes, designed by the clothing store Studio F. In the second gateway, they posed with swimsuit and finally in the last part they came on stage carrying a Mexican designer dresses by Lydia Lavin.

Lorena also won the title of "Miss Talent" during the competition for her development and delivery in this contest.

In a brief interview, Lorena said that she did not think about winning the contest "at no time I thought about winning, until they said my name. Nothing is certain, we must be humble. But the truth is they said my name and I said ' wow ', the best thrill of my life. "

Finally she said "I am very excited and honoured to represent my state, and I think I play a great role."


Meet Lorena Chayban Nuestra Belleza Puebla 2015