Madeline Elizabeth Delp awe-inspiring journey at Miss Earth USA 2022

12 Jan 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Madeline Elizabeth Delp stepped on the Miss Earth USA stage for the first time on 8th January 2022 in Orlando where she represented the state of South Dakota on her wheelchair. Promoting inclusion, Miss Earth USA became a part of Delp’s adventure this year. Embarking on adventures such as swimming with the sharks and jumping out of planes; nothing has ever stopped Delp’s determination to not let an accident affect her future.



Madeline survived a car accident that left her crushed in the back of a car and comatose for several weeks. Miraculously when she woke up, she found out that she had been paralyzed from the waist down. However, after a long journey of initial self-doubt and paralyzing fear and doubt, Madeline soon realised that she had to focus on the good parts of life and not be a victim of the circumstances.

The stunning beauty became the first paraplegic girl to BASE jump in the US, rock climb the cliffs of Mt. Rushmore and drive cross country alone on a national tour. In 2017, she founded Live Boundless in order to give people hope that they could overcome their physical challenges.



Before Miss Earth USA 2022, Madeline was a part of Miss North Carolina USA 2021 where she was awarded Miss Congeniality title. At Miss Earth USA 2022, Madeline was a sight to behold as she paraded the stage competing in the swimsuit and evening wear rounds on her wheelchair. She won the Miss Congeniality title along with Top Interview score and placing in Top 12 at the finale.

She expressed her feelings on embarking on another adventure as she wrote, “While pageantry may not be quite ready for a disability representative, we are doing our best to break barriers and show how beauty can come in many forms. I hope that my participation has helped to normalize disability in this industry in some way, and I know that some day one amazing woman will be able to take it all the way!”



“And even though I didn’t go as far as I had hoped for, my heart is strengthened by the reaction that so many of you have had! I have had to summon a lot of courage to continue to get up on the pageant stage, and it helps me so much to hear your words of love and support. As always, sending you guys so much love and gratitude, and I hope that my journey has helped to encourage you to find confidence in your uniquely beautiful self”, she added.

Madeline is the epitome of determination and hard work who has paved her own way in the world. It has been a long journey of fear chasing for the beauty queen but she has now mastered her mind and claimed the control of her life.