Maria Emilia Cevallos Cuesta, Meet Miss Supranational Ecuador 2015

15 Mar 2015 | Angelopedia

At the conclusion of the grand coronation night of Miss Ecuador 2015 (Miss Universe Ecuador 2015) held on March 14' 2015 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Maria Emilia Cevallos Cuesta was adjudged the second Runner-up and was crowned as Miss Supranational Ecuador 2015. Maria will now be representing Ecuador at the Miss Supranational 2015 pageant.

21 years old Maria Emilia Cevallos Cuesta has completed her Contemporary Music Studies at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Maria is also an actress, TV presenter, broadcaster and singer. Shewas part of the chorus in one of the presentations called Carlos Vives in Ecuador. Cooking, sports and drawing are some of her favourite hobbies, and she likes experimenting with desserts while cooking. “I love inventing recipes fitness, protein favorable for good nutrition,” says Maria. She aspires to represent the women power to the whole world and show that women are equally strong. She wants to deal with issues that single mother and deprived women in the society comes across and focus on projects with social issues. What she likes the most about Ecuador is its multiplicity and variety of tastes in different cuisines.

At the splendid finale of Miss Ecuador 2015, Francesca Keyco Cipriani Burgos was crowned Miss Universe Ecuador 2015 and Daniela Armijos Cordero was crowned Miss International Ecuador 2015. Read more about the final night and other winners here..


Miss Ecuador 2015 second Runner-up