Mark Latham praises Esma Voloder for integrating Australian culture

28 Jul 2017 | Angelopedia

Media commentator and Islam critic Mark Latham, who is also a former leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition, has come to the defense of newly crowned Miss World Australia Esma Voloder. He praised EsmaVoloder for throwing away the burqa and integrating Australian culture.

Mark says that Esma is a good example of an Islamic woman who shuns the burqa, hijab. She should also be praised as a good role model for other Islamic women, as she is panned on social media for defending her faith.

Now Latham has weighed in on the debate by suggesting that more Muslim women should follow the footsteps of the beauty queen, and not controversial former ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

Mark complimented Voloder on her lifestyle on his show “Mark Latham’s Outsiders” and said, 'In the case of Esma Voloder, isn't it good to see a Muslim woman there not living her life according to the fundamentalist teachings of the Koran, Speaking on his online show.’

Voloder opened up to Confidential this week saying “life is too short for negativity” following the backlash. “I forgive them … I feel it comes from a lack of understanding,” she said at the time and “I am hoping to break down the barriers by just being me.”


Mark Latham praises Esma Voloder for integrating Australian culture