Alarcia Duncan finalist Miss World St. Lucia 2016

16 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Meet Alaric Ashley Jessie Duncan Miss World Saint Lucia 2016 contestant. Alarcia is competing with 4 other finalists to clinch the coveted title of Miss World Saint Lucia 2016. 23 years old Alarcia is a humble, skilful and hard-working individual who is never satisfied with the outcomes of her efforts and believes that she can do better.


Meet Miss World Saint Lucia 2016 contestant Alaric Ashley Jessie Duncan


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Alarcia attended Cicero Combined School and through the guidance of her art teacher, Alarcia was able to showcase her talent. “I was part of the ciceron art troop where I was later bestowed the honour to participate in the regional arts competition where I placed 12th , and despite me not placing in the top five my passion for the arts was intensified immensely.”

During her years at the Entrepot Secondary School, Alarcia continued to thrive artistically, wherein her creative abilities never wavered. “I received an arts certificate at my graduation ceremony which was definitely a confidence booster, despite leaving school seven years ago and despite me delving into other hobbies such as designing modelling and dancing , my artistic ingenuity is something that has never left me .

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Alarcia believes that the ability to create is something which has transcended the concept of times. The ability to create is like a prisoner who is able to escape the parameters of the prison called logic; it is what makes the illlogical look logical, the the impossible look like a certainty and a dream look like reality .

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