Tember Cadette finalist Miss World St. Lucia 2016

15 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Meet Tember Cadette finalist of Miss World St. Lucia 2016. Tember is one of the five finalists who is vying for the coveted title of Miss World St. Lucia 2016. In the early years of her childhood, Tember attended the primary school in the United Kingdom, while her mother pursued her bachelor’s degree.

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Tember Cadette finalist Miss World St. Lucia 2016


Being one of three black kids in the entire school, I cannot say my self-esteem was not challenged. I often longed to look like the other girls with the longer hair and smaller body frames but I grew to learn that kinkier coiled curls and longer legs were just as beautiful and that, the presence of one’s beauty is not the absence of your own. This lesson molded and shaped the young woman I am becoming today.”, shares Tember Cadette.

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Tember returned to Saint Lucia a few years back, and after succeeding the Common Entrance Examinations, she ensured a spot at the number one secondary school on island. She spent the next five years learning, living and loving the company of her peers as they each struggled through their own challenges.

Tember also shared an incident from her final year that has been marked as an important one in her life and that turned and affected the way she now carries herself as a young woman. “Right before a crucial set of exams, my parents, who had been known to me my entire life went through a painful separation. It was here I learned something that has shaped the way I think ever since; every person without exception faces their own struggles day to day and so this should not be an excuse for a rude or disrespectful demeanor. Instead, what we ought to do is take the negative and use it as stepping stones to make a better life for ourselves and those around us.”

Do you think Tember Cadette can be the next Miss World Saint Lucia? Do you think Tember has the potential to represent St. Lucia at the Miss World 2016 pageant?

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