Beauty Talks With Anaa Colić Miss Croatia World 2016 Finalist

16 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Beauty Talks With Anaa Colic Miss Croatia World 2016 Finalist


Anaa Colic is the true example of serene beauty. This blonde lady holds a bright beautiful smile and has the potential to mesmerize you with just that million dollar smile. Anaa Colic is not only a beautiful face, she is owns a vibrant personality. The beauty is all set to clinch the crown of Miss Croatia World 2016.

In an interview with our correspondent, the tranquil beauty Anaa Colic shared her thoughts, experiences, and aspirations in the world of pageantry. Below is the transcript of her interview- 

Q.  How do you feel after becoming one of the finalists of Miss Croatia World 2016?
First of all I feel very proud, and with the fact that I am one of the  15 finalists, I feel  so special.

Q. How are you preparing yourself for the Miss Croatia World pageant?
I have been preparing myself  physically and mentally as much as I could. I will try to do my best.

Q. Every great initiative branches off from a motivation, who was your role model behind stepping into the world of beauty pageants?
Audrey Hepburn! One of Hollywood’s most beloved and iconic actresses, Audrey Hepburn is revered for both her acting skills and her philanthropic efforts as a UNICEF ambassador following her unofficial retirement from acting, making her one of the most notable female role models. With a life devoted to kindness and compassion, Audrey devoted herself to being a mother, a wife, and a humanitarian, something admirable and inspirational.

Q. What according to you defines femininity? Who is the most treasured female figure in your life?
Charm is more valuable than beauty, you can resist beauty, but you cannot resist charm. My dearest mother is my everything.

Q. Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
I look like a very strong person from the outside, but the truth is that I am very emotional and sensitive.


Beauty Talks With Anaa Colic Miss Croatia World 2016 Finalist


Q. What are your hobbies and interests?
Riding a bike...

Q. What makes you a beautiful person (besides your 'killer' looks)?
I look positively on life in spite of everything.

Q. If you were invisible for a day, what all would you do?
The real question is what I would not do.

Q. If you could define yourself with a “colour”, what colour would you choose and why?
Red, because it presents passion, strength and femininity.

Q. What is special and unique about being a Croatian woman?
I think that a Croatian woman symbolizes temperament, diligence and  beauty itself.

Q. If you wish to write an autobiography, what would be its last sentence?
Do not dream about life, but live your dreams.

Q. If you had to change one thing in your past, what would it be and why?
If I could go back in time, I would return a person I had lost, because I miss her so much.

Q. Precious or Priceless? What would you choose and why?
Priceless, because for me the most important things in my life are priceless.


Beauty Talks With Anaa Colic Miss Croatia World 2016 Finalist